Decentralize The Web

Hello, Bonjour, Merhaba I'm Sonia John, and I am passionate about the decentralized web and the endless possibilities within it!


I've worked and contributed to several projects over the last few years. The listing below is a combination of contributions to organizations and personal projects.


I work with organizations to help and guide the implementation of distributed system developments.


I've engaged in public and private speaking events about decentralized and distributed systems.


I offer on-site workshops and trainings for teams as continuous education opportunities.


A decentralized protocol is a network framed by cryptography, distributed ledger technology, decentralization and consensus methods. The networks created by decentralized protocols aren’t structured like the networks created by any traditional business model.

LibraBFT Algorithm Simplified

A network consensus mechanism ensures that critical participant agreement activity is written and validated, it's responsible for securely updating data and collectively deciding which transactions to add to the Blockchain.

Distributed Protocols in 2020

This is an exploration of the increase in utilization of cryptography in distributed systems, the improvement in the analysis of cryptoeconomic factors like tracking resource usage, costing, creation of new architectures & more.

Sub Second Optimization

The overall architecture of a distributed network maximizes the service benefits to the end-users of the network by incorporating various system integrations like sub second finality to optimize the transaction per second rate.

Knowing is not enough we must apply; to be willing is not enough we must do.