Decentralize The Web

Hello, Bonjour, Merhaba I'm Sonia, aka realChainʕ •ᴥ•ʔ, and I am passionate about the decentralized web and the endless possibilities within it!

ChatBots Automation 🤖

Helping customers by architecting, designing, developing and delivering intelligent chatbots using the Telegram or Discord Bot Frameworks.

Web3 & IPFS Enthusiast 💞

I'm the Nairobi IPFS organizer to offer developers opportunities to learn about the decentralized web specifically IPFS, IPLD and libPp2p.

Blockchain BUIDLing ⛓

As a developer, I'm contributing to the full life cycle of new Dapps development to create different interfaces, features and architectures.

Marinate Featurettes

I work with a wide range of tools, languages and networks. I use this bounce around as the flavour of my work. Think of your favourite Thanksgiving marinate recipe and replace your flavours with go, python and more

Professional 💻

  • Messenger ChatBots
  • Chain Protocols
  • Full Stack
  • Smart Contracts
  • CiD Addressing

Blockchain 🔗

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Vechain
  • PlayMaker
  • IPFS

Languages 👩‍💻

  • Python
  • C\C++
  • Solidity
  • Golang
  • JavaScript

Recent Works

I've worked and contributed to several projects over the last 12 months. The listing below is a combination of contributions to organizations and personal projects.

PlayMaker Chain

With the PlayMaker team we are transforming sports science with IOT & Blockchain tech.

Nairobi IPFS

I've just added IPFS organiser to my stack of duties to introduce IPFS to local dev ecosystem.

Decentralized Exchange

Contributed to the development of a functional decentralized exchange the Tesradex.

IPFS File Uploader

Modified an existing uploader script to upload Telegram Bot data directly into IPFS.

Telegram PhotoBot

Worked with PhotoMasters KE to develop a photographer booking Telegram Bot.

Med4You Bot

This bot provides information on various medical conditions & remedies.

2019 Complete Events

Attending events is a great way to stay in touch with various community members, industry leaders and technology enthusiasts. See some of the events I'll be attending soon, lets link up!

Working Process

I aim to make any working process as easy, satisying and as successful as possible. As such I work around realistic outlines. It starts with the objective in mind and ends with a professional level project documentation.

Plan & Design Solution


Before designing the final program, we clarify objectives, users, desired outputs, etc.

Start Project Codework


Once designed we'll start coding the program following the syntax guide of each language.

Showcase Project Testnet


Here we test for logic, syntax and overall errors affecting program functionalities.

Document & Maintain


You'll be happy after release of user, operators or developer documentations at completion.

Protocol News

A decentralized protocol is a network framed by cryptography, distributed ledger technology, decentralization and consensus methods. The networks created by decentralized protocols aren’t structured like the networks created by any traditional business model.

Decentralized Applications 🕸️

This is a user centric concept that ensures an application is made to suit the user's every needs. Measured in metrics such as usability, effeciency, effectiveness and learnability,i.e, how easy is it to learn how to use the application

Cryptographic Key Management 🔐

Apply the principles of symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic operations to provide different security properties. Apply the RSA cipher algorithm and the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange protocol to secure communications/access.

Demystified Consensus Algorithms 🛠

Consensus algorithms are mechanisms that are used to achieve agreement on a single data value, and thus obtain reliability in a network that can involve unreliable participants.Here's a quick way to demystify algorithms.