Speaking about Decentralized & Distributed systems is my way of sharing my knowledge with development teams and groups using plain language to make complicated topics clear and understandable.

At this speaking engagements, I present manually curated content after in-depth research focused on finding the most legitimate and excellent ways to keep attendees informed on this fast-moving space. If you’re running an event would like me to speak, I have prepared some information for you.

If you feel like you’d like something a little more involved and in-depth, then you’re probably looking for a workshop. I’ve run countless workshops for both public events and private clients. Read more about what that involves

Request to Speak

I would absolutely love to speak at your conference! However, I do just have a few questions to make the whole process a lot simpler and upfront for everyone involved. If you could send me an email answering as many of the below as possible, I’d be really grateful. If you don’t have answers to everything just yet, please don’t worry—this is just a rough starting point.

  1. When and where is your conference? I’m not afraid of a commute to give a talk
  2. How many attendees do you expect to have? Rough figures or previous sizes are perfectly fine.
  3. What kind of audience do you have? It helps to know what the audience will be like (e.g. mainly back-end developers, mainly blockchain engineers, etc.).
  4. How long does the talk need to be? Do you have a set talk duration? 45 minutes is usually ideal.
  5. Do you have any specific AV limitations? I prefer to use headset or lapel microphone, and would definitely rather use my own laptop to present from.
  6. Do you cover speaker expenses? Flights, hotels, train journeys, etc.
  7. What kind of talk would you like? I usually give technical talks (Decentralized & Distributed Systems, smart contracts, etc.), but am open to discussing other topics.
  8. When can I start publicising your event? Do you want to keep the lineup quiet for a while, or can I add your event to my speaking list immediately?
  9. Do you plan to compensate speakers? I usually charge a fee to speak, however its value is open to discussion for indie and non-profit events.

2019 Speaking Events

  • IPFS Meetup – Nairobi, July 2019

    In this meetup we covered the IPFS basics explaining exactly P2P (peer to peer) technology means for the internet, what a CID (content identifier) in IPFS does, defined the distributed web and introduced the Factory24 IPFS Course.

  • AWIT Conference – Nairobi, July 2019

    In my post event write up, I describe my experience as a panelist at this conference where I joined a group of other panelists to explore blockchain technology and its possible implementations.

  • Github Universe – San Francisco, November 2019

    In November I attended and participated in a panel at Github Universe, I joined other panelists from various organizations and countries across africa to bring to Github the outlook for open source in Africa. In this post, I hightlight some of my experience at Universe.

What’s in It for You?

I will help to promote and publicise your event. I will endeavour to make myself available to attendees for the entire duration of the event. I will attend all social activities surrounding the event. I will deliver a quality talk of practical relevance. I will gladly allow you to record and distribute my talk.

If you are a company who would like a private tech talk on Decentralized & Distributed systems to be delivered on-site to a private audience, please do get in touch.